Doha2012: an (environ)mental issue.

paris 09   8eme 028I start this part of my blog focusing on a theme that I feel so important: the awareness of climate risk.

Some days ago, I had the possibility to attend a conference at Sissa (trieste), illuminated by the energy of Luca Mercalli, one of the most active italians in the field of environmental risk communication.


He said that communicate sciences is like cooking,  in the sense that we must – first of all – put science communication into a wider perspective, considering the environmental problems only as the tip of the iceberg.

I agree with this idea: I think that the environmental problems we have now are the consequences of our narrow minded short-term, that considers  environmental issues only as  a column between other news.

In this sense, I link here some examples of how the most important  italian online newspapers have communicated today the beginning of the 18 ONU’s conference about Climate Changes in Doha (Qatar). To explore more the news, reflecting once again on what these environmental problems are essentially mindset issues.

ps: some national newspapers are not mentioned here. That because they have not talked about the news yet.

 And now, Mesdames et messieurs, the links: