GLOBOCAN results: war against cancer is far from being won

Reblogged from Science on the Net

GLOBOCAN project is a comprehensive cancer surveillance database managed by the International Association of Cancer Registries (IARC), whose aim is to calculate incidence and cancer mortality worldwide and prevalence from major type of cancers for 184 countries of the world. GLOBOCAN collects data from every continent and about major types of cancer, and estimates are presented for 2012, separately for each sex. GLOBOCAN represents an enormous source for scientists. Last December, The Lancet dedicated a special editorial to these data and published a series of studies based on GLOBOCAN database, which analyzed the whole phenomenon of the incidence of cancer around the world and some aspects of the war against it, concluding that four decades after such war was declared, a strategic rethink is needed along all battle lines: prevention, therapeutic approaches, and cancer inequalities.

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