Social changing starts from smart learning

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“We change when we change the way we learn”. In today’s society this must be more than a slogan, it should be a real mantra, a fixed point when it comes to renew the educational institution. Even in Italy, this is a growing scenario and there are many and fruitful initiatives in this direction.

This topic was discussed on June 13 in Trieste during State of the Net, an international conference that gathered experts from around the world to tell the network situation in our country. E-learning, smarter learning, but what do they mean really? Beyond many important reflections on the importance of new technologies, what is really changing in Italy? A lot of things are changing, Damiano Airoldi, Alfonso Fuggetta and Gigi Tagliapietra explain, both in the field of school education and business.


Dianora Bardi is a teacher, graduated in Literature in 1978. She taught in high schools and worked with several Italian universities until 1998, when she met Giovanni degli Antoni, the great guru of informatics in Italy, and she decided to work with him for ten years. After this period, Dianora developed a new teaching method for mobile devices (iPad and EbookReaders) that more than 30 schools today apply. In order to model this method, the Centre for Studies Impara Digitale is born, founded together with other teachers, academics, software developers and other experts.

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