The first post

                                                                                      Amsterdam 17-20 marzo 2012 110

Hello everybody!

I think you are inquiring yourself about the title, and maybe about the whole sense of this  blog.

In this blog you will find maybe a lot of different arguments ( it depends on what will intrigue me), but the underground goal I want to achieve is talk about Sciences.  

Of course, there is a considerable amount of facets from which one can talk about sciences. I have decided (but maybe it will change…)to concentrate myself on two “looks”: the first set is made by those positive scientific events/results, that remind us that sciences are – first of all – for us. The second one is called “perspectives on science” and it is though as a place where you can read how the most relevant sources of information have talked about the same news.

This blog is an hard exercise for me, but for this reason I find it so exciting and important for my personal development. This blog is in fact a consequence of a fundamental choice for me, that is to become a professional scientific journalist, and for this reason I’m attending a master course in scientific journalism at SISSA (Italy). Don’t worry… I will not bore you with my personal development now… I only want to specify that this blog is a starting platform for me, so, whoever you are, if you have  any kind of advices, I will accept them happily.

So, I have said that my aim is talk about sciences. Maybe a great part of you is thinking about the wonderful world of astrophysics, the deep ravines of contemporary geology, or the intriguing frontiers of molecular biology… yes, I will try to talk about  these themes, but not only.

I’m persuaded that a fundamental science we must “cultivate” is the Food Science. For this reason, I dedicate a section named “Homegrown Parnassus” which is the most “empirical” of this blog (and actually of my life…). In this part I will talk about my personal vegetable garden – that I have called “Orto del Parnaso – and the recipes I try to realize from it.

Well, it is time to explain the meaning of the title of this blog: “Peer slow, think as a flow”.

I had to decide one “direction” for this blog, and in this sense my personal perversion is to explore a possible synthesis between slowness and dynamism, in this complicated XXI century.

No pretension to be complete, no  attempt to build a philosophical system (I’m usually scared about them…). Only a personal exploration of some intriguing aspects that I meet in my own professional path.

I think slowness and dynamism must be integrated in our historical period, and I think science is an extraordinary bridge among these two trends. Scientific news are for example always the result of a close and slow examination of years of empirical results…but at the same time journalists have the possibility to pass information with lighting speed.

I am extremely fascinated about this dialectic between slowness and dynamism, as two fundamental anthropological dimensions.  And I am persuaded that they play a fundamental role even in scientific journalism, that is the profession that I have started to explore.

Now, before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are:

 Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank you.


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